The Law Offices of Timothy J. Little is a full service law firm offering specialized legal assistance to
    individuals,  families and businesses in Middlesex, Monmouth, Union and Burlington Counties as well as
    all of Central and Southern New Jersey.  We have built this firm on the foundation that all clients' legal
    matters, no matter how large or small, should be approached with integrity, professionalism and respect.  

           We recognize that many of our clients are under tremendous stress when they reach out to retain the
    services of our firm.  In order to help alleviate our clients' anxiety, we take great care to guide them through
    the legal process, immediately respond to their questions and provide status updates regarding their legal

          We realize that in these uncertain economic times, the expenses of pursuing or defending against a
    legal action can be daunting.  We work hard to provide superior legal services at a reasonable price.  When
    it is in the best interest of our client, we will push for a settlement to avoid protracted litigation and allow
    our clients to avoid additional legal expenses.

          Timothy J. Little has been practicing law for over twenty-four (24) years in central and southern New
    Jersey specializing in all aspects of family law, real estate transactions and probate/estate matters.  During
    this time he has gained a high level of respect and recognition from his clients and peers for the quality of
    his work and the vigorous way he represents his clients' interests.

    - Offering a Full Spectrum of Representation for All of Your Legal Needs -

           A large portion of our practice is dedicated to providing a wide range of family law services.  We
    handle a multitude of complex family issues, including divorce, child custody disputes, DYFS litigation,
    child support and alimony disputes, domestic violence litigation, palimony issues and adoptions. With
    our years of experience in this sensitive area of the law, we have become adept at implementing appropriate
    and effective strategies of negotiation, mediation or litigation in order to obtain superior results for our clients.

          Our firm handles a variety of civil litigation needs including real estate disputes, consumer fraud act
    litigation and personal injury lawsuits.  We provide defense representation in municipal court matters,
    including DUI/DWI, disorderly persons offenses and traffic charges.  

          Lastly, our firm offers a full range of services for estate planning and legal matters, including drafting
    of Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills and Trusts.  We also specialize in estate administration and estate

           Timothy J. Little and his Associate at the Law Offices of Timothy J. Little proudly represent clients
    throughout central and southern New Jersey.  We are dedicated to providing cost-effective results for our
    clients.  Please contact us regarding your legal matter at 732-634-5512 in order to set-up a consultation.
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